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Ideal Printers remains competitive by looking forward

When the words “family” and “business” are used in the same sentence, it conjures images of small shops and cozy rural towns. This is not the case with Ideal Printers, a competitive medium-sized company based in St. Paul, Minn.

It was founded in 1974 by the patriarch of the family, Howard Siewart. Siewart has retired and passed the baton to his daughters, Joan Siewart-Cardona and Lana Siewart-Olson. Joan is the vice president of human resources and finance while Lana is the president of the company.

Ideal Printers works to create an open environment for its employees and customers with effective communication and quality service. Customers are encouraged to do business in person in order to see the facilities and get a feel for with whom they are working.

“We want our customers to see us a partner, as a consultant,” said Joan Siewart-Cardona, co-owner. “When they’re at the conceptual stage thinking about putting a piece together, that’s when we like to get involved.”

During the recession, the management took a pay cut, and as a result, not one employee was let go. Ideal Printers was able to restore every employee to their original pay in 2011.

“Lana is a pretty amazing woman, and Ideal Printers is an amazing company,” says Bonnie Russ, National Association Women Business Owners co-president. “It’s been successful in spite of having to weather tough times suffered by the printing industry.”

A family business in an increasingly fast tech world, Ideal Printers has updated technology, certifications, and initiatives. Ideal Printers was certified in 2008 with the Ford Stewardship Council certification by the Rainforest Alliance. This certificate states that the company uses paper manufactured in a sustainable manner. Ideal was also certified by the National Association of Women Business Owners in 2005 as a WBE company, or woman-owned business. Ideal was also named 2011 Women Business Owners of the Year by the Minnesota chapter of NAWBO.

Ideal Printers is a St. Paul, Minn., based printing company. From the store’s opening in February 1979, Ideal has been committed to providing quality print jobs in a family setting. For more information on Ideal Printers, call (651) 855-1100 or find them on their website here.


For more information, contact:

Anna Roesler

Director of Media Relations


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