my first blog post! feels good. this website has been months in the making–with a busy senior year schedule, there isn’t much time for extracurriculars. especially extracurriculars that require brain power. like writing a blog. or learning how to make the internet work in your favor. but here we are! 6 months later, up-and-running. albeit only 3 pages, but i am focusing on the fact that i’ve made progress.

speaking of progress [good segue, anna] i decided to write about balance today. it has taken all 4 years of my college career to pull myself together with a routine that works. and it’s still being modified day-to-day. and i suspect it will continue to be modified. but i feel good about where i’m at.

i have hit this beautiful time in my life where i…

  1. ….am more secure in who i am than i’ve ever been
  2. ….enjoy waking up early
  3. ….enjoy working out (the majority of the time)
  4. ….know what i want
  5. ….am surrounded by people who love and support me

because of this fab combination, i feel on top of the world. which allows me to focus on progression rather than crisis management. which is what my life felt like in high school. which i maintain my opinion that it is one of the most stressful periods in any person’s life. but that’s beside the point.

the point:

  • today i woke up early. i got to spend my morning prepping a lunch to bring on campus, making a delicious breakfast, and then enjoying that breakfast with a cup of coffee and leisurely catching up on twitter [granted, a portion of this leisure comes from not having class until 10]. i have plans to go on a long walk with a friend this afternoon to soak in the balmy Minnesota 50 degree weather
  • freshman year anna would have slept until 9:30. rolled out of bed, grabbed a granola bar for breakfast [if i had even thought to buy some the weekend before] and went to class. i would go on a run maybe 3 times a month when i felt like it.

so the majority of my mornings start like the first bullet; waking up a little bit earlier to squeeze more day out of my day. and when i start my days like that, with a healthy breakfast, i feel no guilt indulging myself later on. like saturday night, when i went out to eat with friends and ate 3 tacos with chips and queso. no shame.

just read what i’ve written so far. and i can’t decide if it sounds overly self-righteous or idiotic. self-righteous: this is what i’ve found works for me. idiotic: i realize that this is not a novel idea, bringing balance into your life. and i have known for a long time that balance is healthier. but only recently have i realized how to make it happen for myself.

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